Admiral Group Profile

The Admiral Group originated as a home grown family trading company, and today has progressed to become a professional business organization with interests in trading, information technology, capital investments and property development.

Cultivated from key fundamentals such as continuous innovation and economic prudence, it is the aim of the Admiral Group to grow the business aggressively, but sustain strict financial discipline and adequate liquidity.

The group’s trading business engages in the international trade of textiles, canned foods, and automobile parts,  supplying buyers in the Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Africa with products manufactured in Thailand and China. The software division is engaged in the customization and development of process-wide supply chain software.

It is the Group’s philosophy that money can grow through wise and calculative investment decisions. The decisions must be based on updated market information. The investment products must be reasonably liquid able, and simultaneously provide a decent fixed income yield to the holder. The Group upholds property investments as priority, as it has strong faith in the propensity of a good property to continuously appreciate in value.

Spanning from its extensive investments in various types of real estate assets, including residential and commercial buildings, condominiums and shops, the Admiral Group ventured into property development with the construction of the Admiral Suites Executive Serviced Apartments on Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok. The Admiral Suites is one of prime Bangkok’s most successful commercial and serviced apartment complex. In late 2008, Admiral Premier, the group's latest serviced residences property welcomed its first guests.

The Admiral Group continues to strive to invest in good assets based on its key fundamentals. It aims to invest and add value to its assets in order to achieve an upside gain in the asset’s value. The Admiral Group continues to search for good opportunities to acquire assets and develop properties that conform to market demand. The Group’s objective is to achieve profitability on its investments, and be able to achieve better profitability during successive years of operations through maximizing revenue and optimizing expenses. Improved profitability will be the impetus to the rising value of an asset.


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